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Ghost in the dance hall DJ equalizer

Hotgirl DJ who is known as a great equalizer in Diamond discotheque.

Photographs from the clip

Has no basis to assert a right character in the clip but the clip was not spreading at breakneck speed. About DJ was playing the city's attention because their activities associated with the game in the dance hall.

DJ origin concept

According to some unofficial documentation, DJ concept recently used a lot in the field of music, especially hip-hop genres.

DJ stands for Disc Jockey, common understanding is a professional choice and the type of music (which has been recorded previously) for a certain audience, and adjust for variations in music suitable for people to enjoy. This profession was born from the 50s of last century by the Jamaica people. But right up to the late '60s after its introduction to America, a new DJ to the development.

Ghost in the dance hall DJ equalizer

Disc Jockey concept was originally used to describe the newscaster on the radio made the task of introducing a record for audience favorite. The record of this (with stereo) is called the new disc so called Disc Jockey or DJ or deejay short. Today, the DJ is not limited in the sense of a newscaster. Factors such as type of music, listeners object, scene performance, broadcasting facilities, and the development of morphing sound variations form the many different genres DJ. Also, DJ is not like the original meaning of it.

DJ is such von sound like a witch. They can mix two different songs to make a virtuoso without being buckled, not to expose the connection or as others in the field known as the "bicycle music." Conversely, they blend smoothly into one. They are the soul of the fun, the people control the level of passionate crowd of listeners. The main way of mixing, adjusting their music made the crowd when the lull, while passionate, while the sheer excitement. One of the principles of the DJ is to never repeat myself. They themselves see themselves as a cocktail, with some materials the same, they have to bring out the cocktails are not the same individual.