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Jungmo (THE TRAX) and singer Ngoc Anh

Competition "Let's go! Dream Team with Asian Stars" ended on June 6 last. But the news yesterday, 8 / 6, MC Anh Tuan became our new Vietnam. "The return" also did not shrink any smooth, plane crash, he does have to breathe oxygen on the plane anymore. Vietnam has just arrived, still wearing a lot of "injury", MC Anh Tuan had to go to the studio recording for music game program immediately. "Alignment" today his second chance we've "kidnapped" by MC Anh Tuan to hear him share about his encounter with the Korean idol exciting.

Same view images MC Anh Tuan grab in the competition "Let's go with Asian Dream team stars too!:

Take souvenir photos with everyone, we easily recognize the SuJu and SHINee guy right?

MC Anh Tuan is "learn" from "MC" by SJ LeeTuek here

LeeTuek, Eunhyuk of Minho of SHINee and SuJu

And this is the "Top Star of Asia"-Super Junior. MC Anh Tuan said he was extremely surprised that the famous "terrible" of the group in Korea. SJ said capital is also very "epic" across Asia, but fans saw the passionate fans in Korea, he is not out loudly admired "can not imagine." Appear in the competition, only three members are LeeTuek, Eunhyuk and Shindong but just stepped off the bus, the guy SJ immediately caused a storm frantic fans. Strong protection force to be classified into two rows to "escort" three guys on. Do not lose sight greeted the Head of state's oil.

SJ extremely welcoming scene epic

Tuan MC also has "revealed" as though he is famous, but SJ is extremely cute and easy to close. Especially they are very funny, making everyone happy and comfortable.

In exchange program, have a game for "pairs" of male and female artists. Singer Ngoc Anh of us were lucky to be super-cute guy of the group Jungmo THE TRAX pink flowers there. This is also the same guy after SJ came to Vietnam on Tuesday has Supershow3 tweet that "Vietnam is indeed a paradise."

Jungmo (THE TRAX) and singer Ngoc Anh

Close game "pairs"

MC Anh Tuan had to fight hard and not hurt at first

Some pictures on this trip.