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a television entertainment program,

Understand the "characteristics" of the majority of the audience is always interested in the artistic world, so recently, the station has continued to invite familiar faces take the test, to participate in the jury or the MC's recreation programs. That was one of the best ways "mutually beneficial": Artists are matched by a more decent, fun to the audience, are the remuneration, the station also used the artist name to the target audience and ultimately higher revenue from advertising.

Might say, a television entertainment program, such as "Leap universal" is broadcast live on VTV3 weekly Sunday evening program is dream makers for many television programs today. With this program, viewers get an exciting evening last week, has just been watching a star ... orchestra. Unless the dancers are invited from several countries, the remaining candidates from the jury, the artist MC are known as Thanh Bach, singer Doan Trang, Thu Minh, Thuy Tien, Thanh Thuy actor , Huy Khanh, model and actress who Vu Thu Phuong ...

This year, program producers had invited all the young artists and they are all familiar faces of Vietnamese showbiz, easily heated newspaper pages online. Even with a week to leave the game, the audience was "struck" by the headline article was kind of shocked, "Zhao, games are not" saved "by Vu Thu Phuong", "Huy Khanh" view Light "Leap universal?", "Kim Hien pity to leave the universal Leap" ... This is a "resource" important that the program has been from the media. Licensed from television programs in the U.S. have the original name "Dancing with the Star", from the first appearance in 2010 until now, every live show "Jump universal" all leave a mark in the hearts author. The return of the "universal Leap" 2011 has attracted the attention of audiences and the media. So, "Leap universal" get revenue from ads and messages are very large vote.

Thanh Phan and you jump in "Leap universal."

Honestly, it's a lively entertainment program, the investment technology, good quality audience with an evening holiday weekend. Accordingly, the movement's fundamentalist dancing "Jump universal" are like a wave of young groundwater in large cities. Europe is also a healthy movement, encouraging. But do not stop there, be the media "favor" the most interest from most of the election candidates, to the story behind the scenes, so the whole thing private lives of candidates - the artist is "the can" were exposed, with no less troubling: From the story Duc Thinh actress wife training to support implementation; Thu Minh story broke just love to talk Hoang Anh - ex-wife of actor Huy Khanh on facebook "nhiec" ex-husband ... in poetry, and story artist Thuy Tien "terrible chest wet Route" ... To then have those articles was very "tabloid" continue to run this story: Singer Thuy Tien online whitewash that he was ... entrapments; Huy Khanh actor say "thank you" to his ex-wife Hoang Anh ... With the contestants are "normal people" they would never have such things. The important thing is probably the kind of news "tabloid" had contributed to "draw" the audience to "Jump the universal." This is shown by the number of advertisements and messages to vote for candidates who rocketed up each week

And so, following the success of the model contestants - artist, surely the "universal Leap" years later and some other entertainment programs will be organized according to this motif. Actually, this is not the first artist to participate in television entertainment programs, game shows, but obviously, the appeal of a program consisting of ... all stars are stars still another program of entertainment.

There have been many programs that aim to invite the main character is well-known artists to participate VTV3 seems that "hegemony" of this type: "Play music" every night is allocated into two artist 2 teams; "a duet with Idol" contestant to take the test can interact with the singers on stage, "In the celebrity chef" with each period cooking with an artist, even both to the computer program bearing the trade as "Bringing off brand", which number must also be an invitation for artists to participate. A full program is only interested in stars - that's "good space" - where the successful artists to show off their homes and their aesthetic taste. But the broadcasting time limit, but the program still get a hefty advertising sources outside the main sponsor of the "Son Mykolor." By watching the show, besides the host is acting funny right Spirit, the audience saw firsthand accommodation of famous people. Recently, the "beautiful people XXI century" La Thanh Huyen had recently married pride million apartment "many eyes make eyes flat. In another program, she was a model young emerging Ngoc Trinh is showing a room full of shoes, clothes, furniture full effect that many other stars also have to squint ... let alone ordinary people.

Once wealth and luxury he was beyond the imagination of many people, the more programs to attract the attention of fans.

In recent years, with the "advantage" image, is a television channel information is the first choice in the form of entertainment. So many artists are interested, "investment" for appearing on television in a friendly and open. An artist to be invited to participate in television programs or choose to participate in programs like this as a new way, should be encouraged. Only thing, if it is re-abuse "of harm."

As observed by this reporter, in his "Play music", the organizers of the production program was invited to invite a few characters are some new artists participating villages like singing ... a PR name for them, looking to the audience in mind, remember these names. In addition, a well-known artists are constantly appearing at the end of this program to program it also causes the audience feel boredom. Artists that are not focused investment for the role, for her voice which TV is considered a vehicle for marketing shall contemplate the image is a sad thing ...