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The SNSD's concert in Japan is currently very hot topic throughout the forum Kpop

The SNSD's concert in Japan is currently very hot topic throughout the forum Kpop. Without warning, the SM has 9 girls molting simultaneously, appears to represent a new maturity and daring sexy on the stage of the tour of Japan.

SNSD was the 9 bulk her into the sexy queen of the tour in Japan

With the pictures and fancam being present at the concert fans gradually revealed, netizens to go out from this unexpected surprise to another. Leader Taeyeon first open row after her pictures outfit look like ... very sexy two-piece swimsuits appear. This is probably also the screen makeover makes most pop fans stunned by so far we only see Taeyeon capital in image clarity, the most simple SNSD. But her own voice, first or second group has strongly F5 for performance of Lady Marmalade Christina Aguilera, Lil 'Kim, Mya, Pink.

Taeyeon and Tiffany opens with the stage of "adult" extremely exciting for "Lady Marmalade"

Along with Taeyeon makeover in her Lady Marmalade is Tiffany. While Taeyeon the "two-piece swimsuits," Tiffany is no less sexy in costumes characterized classic, is proper to the song.

Yuri is hot but still very high in the solo "If"

If Taeyeon and Tiffany-style charm fans half open half closed, then re hot by Yuri separately. She owns her tan SNSD appeared in military uniforms and "fired" If the song solo. The dance moves are tough, definitely sexy just makes you feel the fans are enjoying the stage I'm Coming from the female version of Rain.

YoonA sealed all 3 / 4 performance that still makes fans to "scream"

Yoona is not new apartment is soul fans. She went on stage dressed in very discreet, but also so that stun the audience started dancing seriously when YoonA column 4 Minutes by Madonna. Not only sexy dance moves on the column, expressed emotion on her face YoonA also commented that very hot! Temperature performance up to a head when near the end, the dancers re luxuriant male ... Yoona ripped pants "means" to show the movement split, stone column leg.

Jessica makes fans can not take his eyes when the dress showing sexy body

Just to hide the beautiful curve of the body while working in Korea by without television stations will be "prohibited goods," "Ice Princess" by Jessica finally had the opportunity to show the the pride of their fans. Jessica's solo stage is the most gentle makeover series of performances of her nine SNSD fan but still can not take your eyes off the beautiful girl sitting at the piano. Jessica wore a long dress sophisticatedly scan the meter of land, showing off sexy body as fans want to melt off the stage.