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Thu Minh transformed into a beautiful bird with vibrant samba suspected of "imitation"

- From day contest, she has been appreciated more than other candidates by 8 years of dancing. That night she also leads the competition with the highest score, you think if people say she has no rival in swimming and she is to become her champion "universal Leap" this year?

What people really think is that pressure on me. The expectations of the audience now is not the advantage that has become my weakness. I was supposed to do 10, but because people think she has 8 years of dancing, so he suddenly becomes 10 points normal, while with a dance that never learned to be like me, people think of her was too good. Therefore, I must try more than normal for women not expected, though actually I have two weeks so that pressure is rather week and the week you show your back to the old place.

Two weeks is two weeks throughout the night to remember life is too, much more pressure and make things happen time to practice my already small as less spiritual and more disturbed. Fortunately, the night contest dolbe Paso, things also began to better already. I just hope not drown health to continue the next round.

- Recently, she makes the audience when suddenly appeared frequently on stage, "Jump universal" feminine with long hair. What made you decide to change short hair style personality that she had faithfully for years?

As everyone can see, each week the contestants have to dance a new dance, a dance that bring a different style. If short hair will forever be limited in style, so I have extended to suit dance and create something new for the audience from the get bored.

- Sad love story recently has nothing to do affect the spirit or her practice?

Of course there is a bit affected, but when it crashed into practice to go down somewhat. When focusing on each step, the apprentice will have to remember so many other things so there is no time to think about sad much.

- So when they do not jump?

When no more jump, things went well for a long time should also not sure why. Important that there is still a beautiful friendship. Although no longer has to walk a path, but we are still asking for and interest in each other as friends.

- Of all the dances she performed, she likes the most and the dance rhythms that makes you feel any difficulties?

To be honest I like all the tone for everything I have interest in learning and understanding, everything back to my own sense of fun and also a difficult individual. If you can tell the most, perhaps simply a smooth, fun and not much pressure in the first dance and dance with Scent Monday with standerd tone. It is the second dance that I have enough time to set the conditions for spiritual comfort. But the most difficult weeks in the fourth week, when I only have two days to set the right tone rumba.

Everything starts to become stress and pressure, very little sleep and worry about your health performance, and how to incorporate your new place. After you return to the old place, between two people disagreements arise causing mental injury, leaving very little training time as well. Tango dance is all that I only have two days to practice.

- She seems to jump and you pair the most sociable of all the contestants entered the competition this year. Herself that her dance partner like?

Actually we have many big problems, but not shown to the outside only. Even with the week I thought as you have to replace due to the big dance. However, things are also satisfied by the exercise, my dance teacher is an extremely dedicated.

Thu Minh transformed into a beautiful bird with vibrant samba suspected of "imitation"

Samba dancers of all pairs Kozhevnikov & Yulia Zagoruychenko

- The idea transformed into a bird in her samba dance competition at last night's dance like a pair of dancers abroad as two drops of water from clothes for each action to shake the hips. What do you think if the audience said that the tests that she was struggling to think of original ideas is just the product "every direction"?

I do not care about anything other than a good workout for the upcoming night of competition. The aside to ask for permission for me to discuss. Actually, I'm not under pressure as people think, simply because I'm not directing anything at all.

- Immediately after suspicion of her dance is not promptly found the stem, then a famous singer was loudly declared: "Stealing ideas is a demonstration of ignorance." She wants to say anything about this?

Actually this is a very old interview, but they deliberately posted on this sensitive time to make people think he is referring to me. This is just a cheap tactics of a certain reporter to attract the attention of readers, but I know he does not say anything about me.